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    ~ As changing the colour (and feel) of your vehicle is very personal decision a consultation is required and prices are tailored solely to you and your vehicle needs ~ The Carbon Fibre look is our personal favourite and we will need time to find out what you favourite is too please allocate 1 hr for consultation.

    ~ Installation can take up to 3 days on some vehicles all Vinyl Wrapping & Clear Paint Protection applications are to be completed at Trublutint (North Booval) unless prior arrangements are made~

    Change, refresh, protect and enhance the state of your vehicle cost effectively with the best car wrapping in South East QLD (yeah I went there :P) and express yourself through your vehicle without any permanency or strings attached! No Paint, No Mess, No Boundaries! Trublutint will accommodate to your every desire. (Almost) You are now only limited by your imagination! Customize the vinyl, the style and choose whatever you wish for a perfect application everytime.

    Trublutint Wrapping can provide protection from everyday damage and wear for the next 5-15 years with absolutely no damage to the original paintwork. Whether your car is brand new, second-hand, old or the latest model car wrapping is the best way to protect your vehicle. - 100% VERSATILE & SAFE

    Through Trublutint Wrapping you are given more freedom to how you want your vehicle to look. With over 100 colours The choices in styles, and textures are endless. for example Black n White - Basic Colours - Matt Finish - Colour Changing - Brushed Alloy - Chrome Finish - Carbon Fibre Finish - Textured (Crocodile Skin feel & Even Sequins) Vinyl wrapping is NOT restricted to just one colour not even on the same panel as colours can be joined & spliced together. And we aren't just talking on the OUTSIDE of the car the INSIDE also has many places that begs for vinyl the dash, the gear stick, door trims, door handles, the centre console all can be wrapped which can potentially save hundreds!
    Another option is partial wrapping, where you keep parts of your original paint showing with the 2nd colour in vinyl - the options are endless.

    We also do INVISIBLE PROTECTION - AKA Vinyl Paint Protection

    What is Clear Vinyl Paint Protection: I hear you ask...
    Paint Protection Film is the most advanced technology to preserve your painted surfaces we think EVER! Ok bare with me as we touch on some techinical big words ... Paint Protection Film (PPF) AKA INVISABLE PROTECTION is a thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to the painted surfaces of a new or used CAR or BIKE in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatter (love bugs) and minor abrasions eg: LOOK OUT FOR THAT treeeeeeeeeee... This film is also used on airplanes, caravans, mobile phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles, boats and many other areas seriously just ask us where you want it :P

    The film has a special adhesive so that it can be removed without damaging your paintwork. It's practically invisible and doesn't change the colour, shape or aerodynamics of your vehicle infact it adds a beautiful just washed shine to your vehicle all year round.

    Suitable for cars, motorbikes, helmets, 4x4s, boats, bicycles, headlights, door jams, stylesides on utes and dozens of applications basically ask us if it can be done and if we don't know, lets give it a go!

    Used by NASCAR, F1, MotoGP and V8 Supercars teams and installed on over 1,000,000 cars in the USA and Europe, and at least 6,000 cars here in Australia.

    Stonechips! - we hate them! Get protected, get out on the road, and enjoy yourself.

    ~ Installation can take up to 3 days on some vehicles all Vinyl Wrapping & Clear Paint Protection applications are to be completed at Trublutint (North Booval) unless prior arrangements are made~

    Protect your mate and wrap with Trublutint! - Contact Us today on 0426 298 037 or email trublutint@gmail.com to discuss further.



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