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    19 December at 16:50 from atlas

    Since the onset of our business we have offered repayment plans available to ALL South East QLD customers.

    It is simple and anyone can use it! 

    Window Tinting - $100 upfront deposit (cash) to be paid on day of tint, remainder can be paid via our TAKE HOME EZI LAYBY SYSTEM-($100 deposit for Vechicles, & 30% for Home or Office)

    No Credit Checks required and NO Interest

    Minimum of $40 a fortnight repayment FEES: ONE time admin fee of $3.30 and a $2 per transaction (direct debit bank fee)

    You must notify TRUBLUTINT if there are any problems with finances coming out within 24 hours of Direct Debit to ensure no added "failed debit" charges to come out.

    So lets say you have your Sedan tinted ($300 darkest legal) - you pay $100 upfront, sign up for our Take Home Layby pay $80 a fortnight for the remaining $200 in 2 easy direct debits of $80 and 1 Direct debt of $40- the fee you will pay is $13.30 bringing the total to $313.30 and thats it for the service.

    When calling for your FREE quote let us know you are interested in using the TAKE HOME LAYBY so we can ensure the paperwork (direct debit authority form) is with us on the day of your tint.

    If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call

    We hope this service allows those who couldn't normally afford Tint, to get top quality tinting.


    a 50% deposit is required on commencement of work and the balance of payment is available on the plan (at Trublutint's discretion). 



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