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  • 3 Tips to maintain your Car Door Magnets

    15 September at 21:14 from atlas

    3 Tips to maintain your Car Door Magnets

    Car Door Magnets
    :Tip: Remove your car door magnets every week and wash with a gentle soap .
    I know some of my fellow business owners, and the customers I have supplied magnets for, forget sometimes that although yes using removal magnets for vehicle advertising is a cheap and effective form of advertising however there is there is a major pitfall that no one tells you about, THEY BREAKDOWN AND MELT TO YOUR VEHICLE!!!

    So I'm going to tell you a couple ways to avoid it.
    Firstly and the most effective way to avoid the breakdown of your door Magnets is to remove the magnets weekly preferably but no longer than every two week and wash the magnets with a light soapy water.  (dishwashing liquid is fine to use on your vehicle)
    Secondly put some vinyl wrap behind the magnet (magnet will still work)to stop it from sticking to the car as the magnet breaks down, however although effective you should still pull it off regularly to make sure there is no discolouration on the paint surface especially during wet weather, if some water gets trapped behind the sign it will boil on the car and can sometimes stain the paint.
    And thirdly my favourite way is if you know exactly where the sign is staying lay some quality vinyl (use Brands Such as 3M and Avery) down onto the car it will protect the painted surface and you can remove it without damaging the paint at all.  I recommend watching a Youtube video on how to lay down the vinyl without causing bubbles or employ an experienced installer, my business charges approx $20 for installation.

    by Truman Peacock 

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